2024 On-demand Video Lectures

Legacy Trees and the Prairie Savanna Project
Cindy Becker and Matt Noone introduce two exciting Community Science legacy tree and prairie projects underway in Dane and surrounding counties which you can get involved with.

All About Garden Tools
Alena Joling teaches everything you need to know to take care of your bladed garden tools in order to maximize the lifespan of the tools and save your hands from undue stress.

Simple Steps to a Beautiful Rose Garden
Diane Sommers shares advancements in rose quality and variety, suggestions on roses best suited for Wisconsin, and provides information on growing roses for the home gardener.

Container Gardening
Lisa Johnson reviews different container types, addresses container soils and how to gauge watering and fertilizing schedules, and suggests plants that are well-suited for container gardening.

Preserving the Harvest
Using new recipes, Becky Gutzman shows how to safely preserve your summer garden bounty for the rest of the year using up-to-date methods and equipment.

Preventing Bird-Window Collisions at Your Home
Brenna Marsicek shares the science behind why birds hit windows, and provides recommendations on ways to address problem windows at home to make them more bird-safe.

2023 On-demand Video Lectures

Watch Create a Family Legacy: Saving Seeds in Your Backyard Garden
Michael Washburn, from Seed Savers Exchange, presents tips, techniques, and stories about heirloom seeds, and how to create a living treasure for your family by gardening and saving seeds from year to year.

Watch Home-Scale Grain Production? What You Need to Know
Learn the ins and outs of home-scale grain production, from seed selection and planting to harvest, processing, grinding, and eating. Presented by Scott Johnson from Low Technology Institute.

Watch Lessons From Multicultural Gardens at Allen Centennial Garden
UW Allen Centennial Garden’s Reba Luiken and Ryan Dostal describe their 2022 project to grow Hmong herbs, plants from the African diaspora, and a Three Sisters garden. Learn about these plants and their cultural background.

Watch Citrus Trees in Wisconsin
Yes, you can grow a citrus tree in Wisconsin! Frank and Taylor Lazar, of Frank’s Fruit Trees, present tips and tricks for caring for an indoor citrus tree, as well as the differences between citrus varieties.

Watch Vegetable Seed Germination Irritations
Learn about some of the most common seed germination troubles, along with some of the most common solutions for each, with advice for achieving seed germination success. Presented by Dan Goodspeed from the J.W. Jung Seed Company.

Watch Vertical Agriculture
Vertical farms are artificial, indoor environments with layers of electrically-lighted crops stacked on top of each other. Learn the pros and cons of this technology. Presented by UW-Madison Greenhouse Manager, Johanna Oosterwyk.