Cultivate a love for gardening with your entire family in our virtual PBS KIDS Backyard! Explore a variety of educational gardening activities, including hands-on projects and games, any time of the year! Be sure to check out additional educational resources at PBS KIDS and PBS Wisconsin Education, and join us in-person for the PBS KIDS Backyard at this year’s Garden & Landscape Expo, Feb. 9-11, 2024.

Play and Learn Together with Children/Hands-on Activities

Learn How Plants Grow

Miniature Garden
Start Planting!

Build observation skills with this hands-on garden activity. First, create your miniature garden.

Make a Wild Bee Hotel

Bee Hotel
See the Step-by-Step

Make a safe, snug shelter for buzzy little bees while learning more about the role these important insects play in our environment.

Grow Seedlings in an Egg Carton

Grow Seedlings
Planting day

Try this activity to raise your plant from seed to seedling.

Play and Learn By Myself/Games

Express Your Creativity

Color Online
Start Coloring

Nature Cat

Color and create with this Nature Cat virtual coloring activity.

Molly of Denali Veggiezilla

Help Molly
Visit PBS KIDS Games

Molly of Denali

Help Molly and Trini grow vegetables to eat.

Vegetable Planting

Learn to Grow
View This Project

Sid the Science Kid

Click and drop the vegetable seedlings in the right sized boxes, then water them in the watering can and make them grow. Plant them all in the right-sized boxes!

Interactive Flower Garden

Get Curious
Count the Flowers

Curious George

Curious George is planting a flower garden. Flowers are popping up everywhere! Can you help him count the flowers in the garden?

Ready Set Grow with Abby and Elmo

Garden with Abby and Elmo!
Start Growing

Sesame Street

Join Abby and Elmo from Sesame Street in an exciting gardening adventure.