Cultivate a love for gardening with your entire family in Nature Cat’s Backyard! Explore a variety of educational gardening activities! Be sure to check out additional educational resources from PBS Wisconsin Education.

Express Your Creativity

Color Online
Start Coloring

Color and create with this Nature Cat virtual coloring activity.

Learn How Plants Grow

Miniature Garden
Start Planting!

Build observation skills with this hands-on garden activity. First, create your miniature garden.

Track Your Garden’s Growth

Start a Plant Journal
Download Journal

Track plant growth with this Nature Cat plant journal.

Create Friendly Insects

Assemble Snacks
Invite Some Bugs

Add some friendly insects to your backyard party invite list by assembling these tasty fruit and vegetable snacks that look like caterpillars.

Vegetable Planting

Sid the Science Kid

Click and drop the vegetable seedlings in the right sized boxes, then water them in the watering can and make them grow. Plant them all in the right-sized boxes!

Visit a Community Garden

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

With the help of Daniel and his friends, a group of kids go on a school trip to visit a community garden and learn more about growing food.

Interactive Flower Garden

Curious George

Curious George is planting a flower garden. Flowers are popping up everywhere! Can you help him count the flowers in the garden?