Take A Virtual Tour of the 2020 Photo Competition Gallery

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Designed to bring another form of imagery and perspective to Garden & Landscape Expo, the photography competition allows amateur photographers to demonstrate their skills and display their work. View a virtual reality tour of last year’s exhibit by clicking the play button on the left.

2020 Award Winners

Viewers’ Choice – Phyllis Bankier (Milwaukee, Wis.), Beautiful Rust (Landscape)

Novice Eye

1st Place: Matthew Lakner (Cottage Grove, Wis.), Walkway
2nd Place: Ethan Miller (Neillsville, Wis.), Roots
3rd Place: Olive Minell (Osceola, Wis.), Zinnia Profile
Honorable Mention: Natalie Jolin (Coon Valley, Wis.), Morning Dew
Honorable Mention: Lina Ruiz (Brookfield, Wis.), Flare


1st Place: Michael Rausch (Madison, Wis.), Summer Dew
2nd Place: Kurt Huebner (Mukwonago, Wis.), Four Spotted Skimmer on Allium
3rd Place: Pat Toicen-Dycee (Pewaukee, Wis.), Red Eye Tree Frog
Honorable Mention: Elizabeth Kazda (Markesan, Wis.), White Chrysanthemum in Spectral Light
Honorable Mention: Cheryl Schiltz (Madison, Wis.), Dreamy Peony


1st Place: Chuck Gustke (DeForest, Wis.), Pope Farm
2nd Place: Annette Knapstein (Middleton, Wis.), Reflecting
3rd Place: Katie Markson (Madison, Wis.),Off the Highway
Honorable Mention: Pat Toicen-Dycee (Pewaukee, Wis.), Smoky Mountain Fall
Honorable Mention: Jeff Trapp (Madison, Wis.), Harmonious


1st Place: Terry Butler (Hudson, Wis.), Red Cabbage
2nd Place: Phyllis Bankier (Milwaukee, Wis.), Luscious Figs
3rd Place: James Raymond (Oshkosh, Wis.), They Look Delicious


1st Place: Elizabeth Kazda (Markesan, Wis.), The Conversation
2nd Place: David Bueschel (Menomonee Falls, Wis.), Starburst
3rd Place: Chuck Gustke (DeForest, Wis.), Pope Farm
Honorable Mention: Phyllis Bankier (Milwaukee, Wis.), Purple Poppy Dispersal
Honorable Mention: Jennifer Peters (Middleton, Wis.), Whimsical


1st Place: Annette Knapstein (Middleton, Wis.), Ferns 2
2nd Place: Emmy Berning (Madison, Wis.), Mother of Millions
3rd Place: Jessica Putz (Arcadia, Wis.), Pretty in Pink
Honorable Mention: Ilana Haimes (Madison, Wis.), Carrots – Intertwined